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  • Efficient Real Estate (Part 1)

    Efficient Real Estate (Part 1)

    By James Courson

    My definition of efficient real estate is achieving an increase in organizational productivity while simultaneously reducing your real estate footprint. Getting more from less is critical while costs all around us are inexorably going up. Efficient real estate is realized through smart design and effective workplace strategies.  As the price for commercial real estate surges higher (Approximately 36% Y-O-Y in Dallas), what should be considered when planning for your next space? The answer is, there is a lot to consider, and the earlier you involve a knowledgeable designer or planner the more efficient your layout will turn out.  I would like to share some of the ways The Spencer Company was able to reduce our footprint while concurrently increasing our headcount. This will be my first blog in a series on efficient real estate. I will focus on collaborative areas and their role in maximizing square footage.  

    Collaborative Areas

             The nature of our work is changing and the amount of individual space is shrinking (the average workstatio