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Haworth Ribbon Stool

Massimosistema by Poltrona Frau


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  • Reflections from MetroCon 2014

    Reflections from MetroCon 2014

    Another MetroCon is now in the books and I did something completely different this year from years past; I documented my experience. There were a lot of familiar faces that graciously spent time with me to reveal some very distinctive and remarkable pieces. It is my pleasure to share some of the highlights from my 2014 show in an inaugural blog series titled “Reflections from MetroCon”. 

    Jasper Group

    My first stop of the day was at the Jasper Group booth(s) to see my friends Jerry and Kelli Ratcliff.  After taking a stroll through their expansive layout I was drawn by the clean aesthetic and kinetic nature of the iXY (pronounced ick-see) case-goods series. I appreciated two of the design elements in particular that reinforced my view of where our industry is headed. The first being an open-plan feel and smaller scale, which is accommodating for the trending smaller real estate footprint.  We are already well into the outset of a shift to smaller cubicle footprints; now it’s ostensibly taking place in the private office as well. The second element was the kinetic and adjustable nature of the table desk. This particular setup had a programmable electric