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  • Efficient Real Estate (Part 4)

    This post is a follow up to my last blog titled Efficient Real Estate (Part 3). As promised, I will elucidate the value of understanding workstyles and their design and specification implications. Just to recap my last post; our model for workstyles is built off of two dimensions - the type of thinking engaged in (strategic to tactical) and the level of interaction they participate in (alone to together). The four departments we evaluated were: the sales team, designers, project managers and customer service coordinators. Let’s take a closer look at the end results of our company relocation.  

    The Sales Team (Crew)

    Design Implications

      Due to the high level of interaction with not only internal team members but external ones as well, the sales team was positioned as the most accessible department. They are located at the front of the building and have three separate access points. Moreover there is a logical order behind the placement of the sales team relative to the other departments. The flow of a project practically always starts in the sales department, and then affects the other departments sequentially as you move counter-clockwise through our showroom. This places the depart