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  • Efficient Real Estate (Part 2)

    Efficient Real Estate (Part 2) 

    By James Courson 

           This post is the continuation of a series on what I identify as “efficient real estate”.  To restate my earlier definition of what I believe to be efficient real estate: it is achieving an increase or maintaining organizational productivity while simultaneously reducing your real estate footprint.  In other words - maximizing your square footage.  In my last blog I presented how we were able to achieve a reduction of 2000 square feet with the use of collaborative spaces in the new Spencer showroom.  This was only one element of the equation.  It was in fact accomplished through a mix of workplace strategies and smart design.  In this next piece I would like to focus on the role technology played in reducing our real estate foot-print.  Technology and its role in the workplace should certainly be taken into account when developing a workplace strategy. 

    The Trending Workforce

           Technology in recent years has enabled a new type of worker to emerge from more traditional, fixed work to more mobile or distributed.  As additional tech-savvy Gen Y’s enter the workforce, we can expect this trend to only continue into the future.